Loved. Conditionally!

They say love is blind, for sure, it is blind, but not to the faults of the person you are in love with, in fact sometimes you are so dangerously aware of their shortcomings that you end up working that much more to compensate for them and your relationship.

Love, in reality, makes you blind, to your truth, your reality, and your shortcomings. When you are in love, there is a constant adrenaline rush, you are so high with the dopamine in your system, that it ends up giving you an excess of the euphoria, the belief that you can and will win your life’s greatest treasure. With all that going in your brain and body, you end up forgetting your own reality, the reality you have worked so hard to keep in mind, so you remain grounded and humble, especially when you live in a society where people from families like yours are constantly reminded not to take even the basic necessity, basic human emotion or sometimes even a simple act of kindness for granted.

With my reality so strongly embedded in my mind and my soul, how dare I forget that I could be loved,(maybe loved), but how dare I expect to be accepted as a respectful “applicant/candidate” or even dream to build a future with someone. Yes, I use the word “applicant/candidate” and not a prospect, since a fine line differentiates each term; if you are a prospect, there is a probable chance you may be considered for the role, and if you are merely an applicant/candidate, there may not even be a possibility of you being considered.I

Till date I am most certain that it was love, the integrity of it all may be questioned now but back then, it was nothing but love. or was it? is it still love that blinds me to accept that it was not real, am I still too foolish to believe that love was there but it could not prosper into anything more because the society could not allow it, the society Would not allow it.